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As places across the UK prepare for potential shifts in national policy direction, proactively revisiting local economic strategies has become increasingly important. In their second May 2024 Espresso Shot LEDC episode, David and Mike explore the value local leadership teams can gain from refreshing their strategic approaches ahead of the next UK General Election.

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   The Show

LED Confidential (LEDC) is the podcast that lifts the lid on the intractable issues facing local economic development (LED) and placemaking today. Presented by David Marlow and Mike Spicer, two of the foremost practitioners in this area of work, LEDC tackles the biggest challenges in the sector with expert guests and a wealth of practical experience and evidence-based insights. New for Series 2 this year, and alongside continuing discussions on major themes, are monthly reviews of the current questions being asked of LED and place-making professionals, and opportunities for listeners to get involved directly as we open up LEDC interactive (coming soon).

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Photo of Mike Spicer, LED Confidential co-host

Mike Spicer

Co-host and Producer

Photo of David Marlow LED Confidential co-host

David Marlow

Co-host and Producer

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